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M.F.A. Graduation Work
"soul, body and the object"

The soul is defined as our inner self, the sensible aspect, as well as the reflective centre of man and is positioned between inanimate matter and the immaterial world. The body is the empirical medium through which we perceive and influence the external world. It is the link in-between. Through the body, it becomes possible to experience and at the same time to create the world. Under our hands and eyes, the world becomes existent by giving it form and meaning.

Objects, created by human hands, represent our medium of expression, which arises from our mental imagination, influenced by our sensual experiences.

Expressing ourselves in objects combines different aspects of our identity as human beings. Objects are a medium of communication and also serve to maintain social structures. They occupy an intermediate position in that they are created from matter but charged with the immateriality of the meaning we give them. Through objects we express our subjectivity, our attachment to the material world and our participation in it, as well as our desire to connect with it.

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